Four Anniversaries: I. For Felicia Montealegre (Leonard Bernstein)

Recorded at National Sawdust (New York)

Molly Joyce - Rave (for piano + pre-recorded electronics)

from ISOMORPHIA (4.16.2018)

Suby Raman - Draw Call

from ISOMORPHIA (4.16.2018)

Błagania (2015) - for piano + tape by Sebastian Szymański

from ISOMORPHIA (4.16.2018)

Neuf études aux deux mondes by Pierre Charvet

Laser art installation by Mike Gould

Pierre Boulez - Douze Notations

Performed at New Music Detroit's Strange Beautiful Music festival at the Wasserman Projects

Come out, sit a while; break the bottle, and you is lost      

by Read Miller

The Rite of Spring, for Two Pianos and Percussion, Part I


The Rite of Spring, Part II

Premiere of Donal Oge by Libby Larsen, with Jennifer Nash

Any Resemblance is Purely Coincidental by Charles Dodge, for Piano + Tape

At The Horse Hospital, London (29.June.2013)  Video by Nick Lee

Inner Cities 11 by Alvin Curran at The Horse Hospital (29.June.2013)